Kailey Flyte!!! <3

Sooooooo Kailey runs http://mermaidens.blogspot.com, this absolutely adorable awesome blog full of thrifty, pink, icecream, DIY, illustration,cotton candy, kimbra goodness!!! She’s also been somewhat of a faithful viewer/follower/commenter on my blog. I’ve been meaning to draw her for some time, but never managed to get the chance until now! I’m not just saying this, but i think this is my favorite lookbookillust painting so far (i know i say that every week). Her style was so inspiring to me. I can’t even quite put my finger on it. I wish i had as much luck thrifting as she did! She also has one of the most unique hair colors/ dyes I’ve seen. 

Anywho, i made this as a thank you to her for following my blog. I really appreciate the support~! <3 This just goes to show you that I’m completely an e-stalker and I DO check out the people who follow me. Believe it or not, I have a list of followers of mine that i want to draw!

Anywho, i’m typing too much! <3 

(Also, FYI: I’m totally listening to Kimbra right now and i’m not even lying about it <3)

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